10 survival tips that can save your life


Bonus: Ignore survival myths like drinking pee or moss that only grows north.

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Drinking pee or using moss as a guide when lost are some of the myths that are popular in movies. Unfortunately, both are wrong. Although peeing is more or less sterile if your kidneys are healthy, the whole point of urination is to allow your body to filter excess salts and minerals from your blood. Drinking it again may make your kidneys have to work harder and make you more thirsty due to its sodium content. As for the northern myth of moss growth, moss is tuned for survival. It grows in moist and sunny places. In some parts of the northern hemisphere, this happens to be north, but it doesn’t have to be. In the southern hemisphere, moss grows southward.


Tips may vary depending on the climate of the destination. Do you have any suggestions to help our readers? What other survival myths do you think should be debunked?



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